Cork projects

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Have old bamboo coasters lying about? Well, save those corks since we’ve found 10 more innovative ways to use them all around your property.

1. Cork Magnets

Press firmly on the flat side. And that is all.

2. Drawer Knobs

Hold a twist in place with a screwdriver. Do the same for all of the drawers. Your drawer knobs are prepared.

3. Planters

You will have to collect some potting soil, a puncher, paring knife, magnets and little succulents. Cut a hollow shape in the middle of each cork. Attach magnets into every cork by pushing hard. Then fill the hollow hole with dirt and place a little succulent inside every one.

4. Jewelry Frame

On the lookout for ways to organize your jewelry neatly? Paint it. Cut out corks in long circular dimensions and fuse to the framework. If you wish to personalize it a little more, you can wrap the corks on your favorite fabric.

5. Pinboard

Then organize tiles in a pattern and then begin painting.

6. Mouse pad

All you’ve got to do is cut cork to size then bond them together along with a piece of thick silk paper. It’s far better to keep it simple but you can design any form you desire.

7. Cork Wall

Have you been on the lookout for ways to liven up your kitchen? All you need is a piece of wood cut to the specific size of the area you would like to cover up. You can elect to either attempt a pattern layout or just fasten them in a row formation.

8. Pencil Holder

You’ll require a power drill, cork trivets, and adhesive. Stick trivets on top of one another and press firmly. Next, with your drill bit, drill holes out and fill every hole with a writing apparatus.

9. Stool

You’ll require a LOT of wine and champagne corks. All you’ve got to do is simply collect all of your corks and enclose them in a breathable and durable mesh fabric.

10. Cork Stamps

Why don’t you make cute and special stamps along with your corks? All you will need is a great knife, a sharpie and a whole lot of corks. Use ink and fill in your layouts and voila!

How to humanely get rid of squirrels

All of a sudden they cause problems and stress and they’re no longer so adorable. The solution shouldn’t be damaging these animals.

People become aware of those uninvited guests from the scratching and scrabbling noises. Most other co-dwellers such as bats and mice are more active at night. Regardless though, in case you’ve got a family of squirrels living in your area then odds are that they will earn a good deal more noise.

The warmth and shelter provided by loft conditions make it an ideal place to call home.

Although not commonly associated with diseases they could cause damage to electrical wiring and therefore creating a considerable fire hazard. If that a squirrel dies from the loft the decaying odour can permeate through the home and be very disagreeable. Their droppings also pose various health issues.

Repellents like sound of a radio, urine from a different creature, bleach or ammonia may deter. There are numerous squirrel replants on the market these days and they may be useful especially if you have squirrels in your garden. But if squirrels have moved in your loft then it’s very important that you take extra actions to get them removed.

Brown Squirrel on Brown Garden Railings

Trapping and releasing functions if you make certain no squirrel babies are abandoned inside. If that’s true, the mother squirrel will return and cause more harm to receive them. Bear in mind that after elimination you must be certain that you’ve sealed all entrance points. If a person has a recurring problem it can be a great idea to hire a professional pest remover. There are no legal radicals offered to eliminate squirrels and using anything of this sort is normally frowned upon.

Traps, if the proper type, work efficiently. Mostly when squirrels take up home it’s a mother with her litter. By grabbing the mother one leaves the litter in danger and they’ll certainly die and cause bad odours. Live trapping using traps above their entry hole is undoubtedly the most humane alternative. What do Possums Eat, Most favoured baits when one is attempting to do creature removal/squirrels from loft include peanuts, peanut butter or pieces of fruit.

Hire someone to help

Should you have them on your premises, you’ll have to seek help for raccoon removal and animal management. It shouldn’t be attempted on your own.
Raccoons can be a massive annoyance at your dwelling. They can be quite noisy, complete your pet’s food and be harmful in general. They’ll strew trash around.

Raccoon Animal Wildlife Forest Woods Natur
Along with all this, raccoons aren’t in the least bit shy. They show no fear of people, nor do they operate out of bright lights or loud noises. If they’re cornered, they will become very competitive. For all the aforementioned reasons, you would be wise to find professionals to assist you prevent them from your dwelling.
Generally, raccoons have to be strapped. For the individual with experience, this isn’t usually that difficult. Sometimes, however, babies can be involved and this may require using other methods also.
As there are offspring, it’s not intelligent to just work out how to prevent the adult from penetrating. If there are babies concealed, they are now left to die. You’ll not have any idea they’re there until you begin to notice the odor. At that point, you’ll need help in locating them.
If you’re going through a raccoon problem, find out more about raccoon removal and animal control. Don’t try to look after it by yourself. You could wind up spending more money or having to visit the hospital. Call Merritt Island Raccoon Removal for help!

Things to do with the kids over summer

We have struck the mid-summer lull. If it were a standard July, which it has not been, we might call this time the “dog days of summer” when the times are sultry and tacky and those beautifully cool autumn evenings could not come quicker. Here in the midwest, we are still awaiting the 80-degree days to stick around long enough to grab a sun tan.
However, we have reached the point where our evenings are stockpiled with activities, vacations and other commitments from now til Labor Day, while the weekdays are somewhat mundane and lagging. Younger children have day camp or special interest camps because of their favourite sports to look forward to, while their parents set up play dates and pool parties.
As a child, I recall days once the summer got downright boring due to the lack of activities I had planned to get a summer break. My mother would yell at us to switch off the TV and go play outside. Into my adolescent years, summer break got a bit more interesting with buddies to hang out with, rather those with automobiles

Preschoolers Arts And Crafts Kids Learning
But between those day camp years and the free-flying teenage years, many parents may be thinking about matters for tweens to perform during the summer break. Generally tweens are between grade school and high school – too old for some things and too young for many others.
So here’s a couple of ideas for quick summer crafts for your tweens, if they’re babysitting the neighborhood children or having a fun day to themselves. You shouldn’t ever run out of things for tweens to perform throughout the summer break! Get artistic with your favorite summertime journal – decorate the cover with colorful beads and fabrics – and take notes in style as you sit on the shore writing about life lessons learned the hard way. Produce a summertime scrapbook page that documents your family holiday and fun hangouts with friends. Can it be the old-fashioned manner with magazine cut-outs and cololrful markers so that you don’t need to drop a huge amount of money on scrapbooking supplies! For the crochet-crowd on the market, make your summer bag bag with a free crochet pattern you can find online at Favecrafts. What woman does not love it? Pick up some colorful beads and proper sterling silver wires at the local craft shop and have a ball creating your own bracelets, earrings and bracelets. Recycled aluminum coffee cans can be decorated and used to your next significant barbecue at the home. Covering the cans with decorative cloth will change the aluminum into fancy silverware and napkin holders to the outdoors. If you are a gardening family, have your tweens create garden creatures using clay pots. A fun little turtle only takes 3 different sized pots stacked on top of one another. Paint it green and decorate it to be the cute little garden creature it’s.
7. At age 12 I had begun collecting candles of all types. Consider creating your own beeswax candles by buying beeswax honeycomb texture sheets in the craftstore combined with several inches of wick. Candles are cool, but even cooler when they are handmade.
8. If your tweens are babysitting, have them produce beverage coasters using old bottle caps and gluing them to circular pieces of foam.
9. Scour the home for old jewelry, using funky shapes, Merritt Island Rat Removal and dimensions, see what you could create with all the things you’ve found. Consider taking some of it apart and creating new and enhanced pieces!
10. Last, your children are entering a new phase in their lives, whether they’re 10, 11, 12 or even 13. So today could be a fantastic time to make an inspiration journal which compiles things they are interested in and things that inspire them. Go through magazines and be creative with it it will be a fun memento to return on!

Lego Tables!!!

If you have kids, you might want to consider buying a Lego table. Given below are a few suggestions that may help you to get your hands on the best table.


So far as the standing goes, Lego is among the top brands of today. And Lego bricks is just one of them.

If you get a table and a box of bricks from Lego, you can keep your children occupied for hours. Needless to say, there are other products which may serve the same purpose, but nothing is better than a Lego product. The great thing is that these products are educational as well.

Why Should You Go For Lego?

The brand has a great deal of advantages. It helps children improve their problem-solving abilities. Aside from this, it helps kids improve their eye coordination and spatial skills. According to specialists, blocks and bricks play a great part in helping a kid become more creative. Studies show that kids who are good at playing with blocks tend to have better math skills. Aside from this, these products help children improve their social and collaboration skills.

Ideas to Choose a Table

Security And Durability

As a matter of fact, you will need to make sure that the product is painted with a non-toxic paint. Aside from this, the table should be sturdy and its edges should be dull so that your kids don’t get hurt. Additionally, it is important that the table should have height. It shouldn’t be too high.


Design of the table also carries plenty of importance. It’s a good idea to opt for a colorful table. Since the majority of the products from this brand are brilliant, you don’t need to worry about this factor. However, if you like a good color, you should tell Centurian and they’ll get you one.


You’ll need to wash the table on a regular basis. If possible, you might choose to obtain a waterproof table. This will make it easier for you to wipe liquids easily from the top of the table.

Check Out Reviews

This can help you decide on the type of table that will fit you the best. As a matter of fact, reading reviews is recommended regardless of what you want to buy online.

So, when you have been looking to buy a table for your kids, we suggest that you check out Lego tables. With the features they provide, it will not be a great idea to go for a table from another brand. Hopefully, the product will work well for you and you won’t regret your decision.

Buy A Vacation Home In Florida

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Florida is among the most popular holiday spots in the country, welcoming millions of tourists every year. While there are several reasonable accommodation choices available throughout the country, there are a number of good reasons to get your own vacation house in Florida.

Excellent Climate
It boasts of warm weather for most of the year, which means people from all around the US flock to its shores for some sunshine. You can enjoy a great deal of natural beauty when you have a winter home in Florida. In actuality, some famous Americans such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison have had a winter home in the nation. Miami Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida where thousands of tourists like to spend the winter months, away from the snow and chill in the rest of the country.

Port St Lucie Raccoon Removal

Peace of mind is necessary if you’re planning a vacation, especially a long one. If you own a second home here in Florida, you’ll have convenient access to the warm weather and beautiful beaches all year. You can drop in any time and be certain of having a comfortable place to stay. Having your own house in Florida is also beneficial because you get the freedom to set it up according to your specific needs and lifestyle. You may come in and leave any time of the day without feeling guilty of bothering the owners.
Make your holiday home an investment
Florida is amongst the most popular holiday destinations in the country and is filled with visitors all year. Tourists do not just need beaches and the sun, but they need a nice, safe place to stay. If you choose to rent out your house to holidaymakers, you can be sure of full occupancy during the year. There are several agents in Florida that will market your property easily to visitors looking for a wonderful place to lodge.

Obtaining your own holiday home is a sensible choice if you’re a regular visitor to Florida. It will save you the frustration of handling agents at the last-minute and feeling anxious about getting a bad bargain on holiday lodging. What is more, you may no longer have to be worried about rental expenses on holiday. You’ll also save on taxes as you can claim the amount of annual depreciation as a deduction against your taxable rental income, only the way loans work. Thus, you can continue to invest in the upkeep and renovation of your property to keep it up with the times.
A fantastic vacation home is a wise decision because of the convenience and other financial benefits it brings. Having your own Florida house will allow you to spend your holidays without the strain of paying rent. What is more, you will even have the ability to extend your stay for as long as you want.

Timing Is Everything

Have you ever given your best to a connection and it never seems good enough to your spouse? I see this at least once a week in my practice. He/she will come in and discuss how they feel drained from non stop giving, and never getting anything in return. To make matters worse, their social circle is all but non-existent now because they’re trying to make their partner happy. I tell them that they are in the ideal connection, just with the wrong person.

How does this happen? We take someone who is about to settle down and commit to a higher degree in a connection. Then they pick a person who has no desire to reciprocate. Okay, but how does that happen? It usually happens when a well oriented person will over compensate just to maintain a relationship. The sad reality is that women do so more than men. And if they don’t get the attention and love they’re expecting, soon afterwards all men become dogs. Broken, angry and jaded they sit in my office.

This is a crucial point in the evolution, or the beginning of the decline in their mindset for the rest of their relationships to come. Either they become bitter towards the opposite sex assuming they’re in a heterosexual relationship, or opt to make better choices in the future. We have all heard the term “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Same principle. Stop giving away your love as it has not been earned.

I feel that so many of us are willing to do just about anything in order to not be alone. But the real crisis begins when you’re in a less than wholesome relationship and feeling alone. With that said, raise the bar on which you find acceptable behavior in a relationship. Okay, so how can you do that? The good thing is that this procedure doesn’t take long.

You start with passing on occasions or hanging out with people just for the sake of having something to do. If you’re not a big drinker, yet you’re spending your weekends in a pub, guess what? Feelings of fulfillment will be far and few between. If on the other hand you’re to do something more in your wheelhouse despite being lonely, you’ll start to see the difference on your mindset. Sure, at first you will miss the company of Centurian to discuss it with. And if you stay with it, you will soon find you will not tolerate being with people and in environments that leave you feeling away.

By doing this, you immediately discern who takes away or adds value to your life. I am not talking so much about the everyday people in your life. I am referring to the person you spend everyday with in a committed relationship. There are going to be people that all of us will have to endure who are energy zappers. But, the person you associate with should under no circumstance be among them. And yes, there’ll be times when your partner zaps you as well. But, if you’ve fully invested in this exercise, your spouse zapping you are going to be a rare occurrence.

So, if you should find yourself in a relationship where you are the only one giving. Because at the end of the day, no one wants to be in the ideal relationship with the wrong person.

Who Makes The Best Phone?

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They suffer a whole lot, come with a cool magnetic carrying case (which also adds 24-hour charge, to the point where we don’t even come close to running away from us during the review) and free you from the cables but this feels more like reference designs for future wireless Apple apparatus than the must-have accessory iPhone.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the exact same aluminum housing and the only distinction is the position of the antenna lines. They arc cutting corners instead of the back. The new iPhones even share the same respective screen size as iPhone last year: a 4.7-inch display on the 7, and a 5.5-inch screen for the 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus officially to the most interesting, opinionated, powerful phones Apple has ever shipped, and the most self-confident expression of the vision of the company in a long time. iOS 10 is excellent, the cameras are better, and the performance is phenomenal. And more battery life. These are great phones.

Great opportunity.

Good stuff
Water resistance
Improved cameras
Better life of the battery

Terrific display

Taptic motor comments is neat
Dual camera zoom on the 7 Plus Is Excellent

However, the differences between the old and new models are still being felt, and they are especially evident in the new colours: black and jet black. Jet black is provided with a “pristine, mirror coating” and a high gloss finish.

“The high gloss finish of this jet black iPhone 7 is accomplished by way of a precision-nine-step anodization and polishing process,” said Apple. “The surface is as hard as other anodized Apple products, but demonstrate the high gloss fine micro-abrasions usage if you’re worried about Animal Control, we recommend one of the numerous cases available to protect your iPhone. .”

But they’re also incomplete. The most interesting feature of the new dual camera of this iPhone 7 Plus is not shipping at launch. Apple’s making a big bet on iMessage and Siri in iOS programs 10, but it has not paid off yet. Apps are not updated to the Taptic engine or use the new wide color gamut screen. The whole ecosystem of the new headphones and adapters that are needed to make the usage of Lightning and wireless sound is simply out of the ground. Just Apple or Beats headphones give the best wireless sound experience, and you might not like how they sound or fit. From the time developers even come close to hitting the performance limitations of the A10 Fusion chip, Apple will of the A11 Fusion Pro transmission with six knives.

All those risky bets on the future officially exciting, but here in the present use of the iPhone 7 in a case feels a lot like having an iPhone 6S with a stranger house button and more adapters.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus officially to the most interesting, opinionated, powerful phones Apple has ever shipped, and the most self-confident expression of the vision of the company in quite a long time. These are great phones.

Study Yourself

Group of Man on a Desert

In the world of anthropology there is a primary focus on the many astounding anthropologists like Max Weber, Lewis Henry Morgan, Margaret Mead, and one whom many deem the father of anthropology, Franz Boas. Acting as a guide, their contributions have laid the basis to numerous of ideologies, theories, and studies concerning the human culture. By way of instance, one of Margaret Mead’s most infamous studies is through a technique called visual anthropology where Mead studies personality formation in three unique cultures, the Balinese, Iatumal, and American. Personally, I love Margaret Mead’s methods and because learning about her I have studied a lot of her previous work. During my first semester in grad school I was excited to continue to learn about those who paved a way for me to study anthropology. However, as I sat through course after course learning about all these anthropologists and their wonderful contributions, there were a couple of things which I did notice. One, there were no detailed research on Black Anthropologists, two in virtually every class attended I was the only minority, and three since I began to take part in field work I understood that there were very few minorities who were a part of anthropology as a whole and I started to wonder why. Was it as a result of scientific racism related to the earlier periods of anthropology? Or is it simply because minorities aren’t being exposed to anthropology? Whatever the reason maybe it’s a silent issue which seems to dwell in the world of anthropology.

Scientific Racism

Make no mistake that racism was front and center during the beginning stages of anthropology as it was developed during a time where racism was displayed like another fashion statement. Regrettably, those biased perspectives went to the work of some of the most prominent figures of anthropology. The scientific racism that distinct minorities endured during the previous years of anthropology can be very daunting to find out about without ones’ heart feeling somewhat heavy or sad. This heaviness is something which I have seen to be exhibited from just about everybody who learns what happened during these times. For instance, the first time a professor showed a movie about the human zoo there was an awkward feeling that straddled the area and a heated discussion that took place afterwards. Expressions of shock, hurt, and disappointment was on the surface of the discussion. The human zoo was present throughout the 19th and early 20th century as people of various ethnicities were collected from numerous areas of the world by socialists, scientists, Centurianand anthropologists to be placed on display for entertainment purposes. Europeans around the world would pay to gaze at the humans as if they were animals and in certain cases animals were grouped with humans as a contrast.

Is It Acceptance or Exposure?

Personally, I have never experienced a moment where anyone has made me feel as though I did not belong in the area, but there were definitely times where I may have felt that my remarks were not as equally accepted or appreciated as my white peers. However, I think this is something which minorities face in nearly every line of work from some men and women who indulge in an ignorant mindset. Whatever the case may be it’s still uncomfortable and acceptance in the field of Anthropology was not always the case. On one hand, you had the vast majority of anthropologists who always studied blacks and other minorities to show that they were inferior to their white successors and their lives had no value amongst many other horrendous preconceptions. Due to those frivolous studies about minorities many blacks were not accepting of anthropology and opted to distance themselves from the tradition. Instead a majority of African Americans took a liking to sociology and history when furthering their education. Now today the amount of black anthropologists have succeeded well beyond 10 individuals but the numbers are still relatively low. As cultural and racial wars have helped to break some barriers for minorities, it has not quite made its connection to anthropology.

One theory that I have considered is that exposure to anthropology is not fully within the African American culture. From my own experience, I know I was exposed to the chance of being a doctor, a lawyer, nurse, teacher, and the typical mainstream jobs that are subconsciously forced upon children through various media outlets. Anthropology wasn’t one of those choices, in fact I wasn’t truly introduced to anthropology until being required to take Cultural Anthropology as a mandatory course during my time as an undergraduate. Thankfully that course enabled me to explore a universe of cultures and finally change my career path generally. Deficiency of exposure doesn’t just stem from the cultural aspects but it seems to generate from an educational standpoint also. As an undergraduate I soon realized that there weren’t a lot of studies present on African American Anthropologists which directed me to perform my own research about African American Anthropologists. Through research, I learned just how Franz Boas wasn’t only the instructor to white anthropologists but also into a black anthropologist as well. I was curious to learn about African American Anthropologists, who also became favorites of mine, also played a substantial part in anthropology like Zora Neal Hurston. Ms. Hurston was a student of Franz Boas and in his course the same exact time as fellow anthropologist Margaret Mead. Zora Neal Hurston was a renowned novelist, one who led to folklore, and a writer. However, Zora Neal Hurston was also an anthropologist in her own rights that studied with the best. Margaret Mead is always mentioned as a notable student of Franz Boas, but unfortunately in most classes Hurston is not even acknowledged. Then, there was the fact that W.E.B. DuBois took a likening to Franz Boas, read newspapers side by side with Boas in London, and invited him to speak at the college he taught at in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, collaboration of the two isn’t something which you would typically learn about in the fundamental classes of Anthropology that is sad. The lack of exposure to the accomplishments of African American Anthropologists’ speaks volumes and it exerts a message that analyzing blacks is great but acknowledging their gifts is impotent. Anthropology is a field that shines a light on many different issues around the world. Obviously, exposure is not the main reason minorities shy away from the discipline of anthropology but it does appear to have its proper stake in the matter. The truth is there’s a need for more diversity in anthropology and hopefully, as anthropology continues to progress there’ll be a recognition of such ultimately providing ways for people who would not even consider becoming an anthropologist as people can’t divulge in something they’ve never been exposed to.

Plus Size Fashion Goals

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Well, there’s no denying that trend is always inclined to the petite woman. Barring a few exceptions, most fashion shows have skinny women who have perfected their walk in six-inch heels on runways. If you are a person on the plus side, you’ll have to deal with limited choices and confusing rules and styles. To make things easy, we have discussed a few of the most fantastic fashion rules for plus-size women. In case you don’t have a fortune to spend, these ideas will help you in creating the right styling decision!

-. Those loose and ill-fitted clothes won’t hide your tummy or large arms. Wear something that fits your body and hugs the curves in the correct places. Some amazing brands deal with girls plus size clothes, and you’ll find options for any number of sizes.

-. Wear in confidence and comfort. Yes, you read that right. Unless you are comfortable in what you wear, you won’t ever feel good. Regardless of your size, you need to feel comfortable and effective. Style is all about your individual methods for interpreting fashion, and you don’t have to play by the rules all of the time.

-. Look for shapewear. Unlike what many people may think, shapewear doesn’t hide your body fat. Rather, it hugs the curves and helps in toning the entire body, which will allow you to wear more clothing with ease. From dresses and skirts to simple tops, you can stone anything, provided that you’ve got good shapewear. Extra tip: Purchase from a known and celebrated brand, because shapewear must be made from stretchable and conformable fabric.

-. Go for V-neck tops. If you’ve got a pear shaped body, you will need to wear V-neck tops to accentuate the upper part of the body. V-neck helps in shifting the eye to the center of the body, which can be ideal for women who have thick legs.

-Avoid crop tops. While crop tops are trending anywhere, these are not a great choice for everyone. Plus-size women should consider longer tops, which may help in covering the flab around the abdomen and waist. In case you are smitten by this style, simply fit your shirt with a pair of high-waist denims.

-. Wear heels. Heels look great on any woman, but on plus-size girls, heels can add an illusion of height. Pencil heels and stilettos are always great, while you can also try block heels and wedges also. Just make certain that you’re comfortable with the pair you choose, especially if you intend to walk on that day.

– Finally, get your makeup right! Nothing beats a gorgeous face, as far as creating a perfect look is concerned. Understand the occasion and overall outfit before choosing your makeup idea. Right from smoky eyes or a pop-colored summer lip colour, anything that accentuates your facial features can be an excellent choice!

Check online now to find the proper brands for Centurian, and if you shop, try to order more than one size, so that you can pick one that suits your body shape and kind!